BUZZTV for your Industry

BUZZTV can be effectively used to enhance communication with your customers and employees, offering private content channels or syndicated content channels to television displays in your business anywhere within the world.

Below are a few examples of industries or business' that could benefit from BUZZTV

  • Automotive
    Branding is paramount in the motoring industry – BUZZTV can communicate brand values in a dynamic and theatrical way. Up-sell additional features and add-on packages, raise awareness of motability schemes and cross-sell servicing and maintenance packages. Screens can double up as staff communication tools outside opening hours to drive sales...
  • Brands
    Capturing customer attention at the point of purchase is becoming an increasingly competitive activity. Eye-catching and attention grabbing digital screens integrated into POP/POS fixtures and fittings can be the difference between a customer reaching for one brand or another.
  • Food & Drink
    Engage customers and guests throughout restaurants, fast food outlets, pubs and bars with BUZZTV for digital menu boards, promote special offers, events, drinks offers, meal deals and branding. Show mouth-watering images of your menu, automatically change menus depending on time of day, schedule daily offers and engage customers with live,...
  • Healthcare & Veterinary
    Waiting areas are well-known for attracting an audience that are seeking engagement – BUZZTV can be pivotal in increasing patient relations and experience in the healthcare and veterinary sectors. Raise awareness of local services and events, community messages, deliver health advice and promote annual check-ups, insurance and other services.
  • Hotel & Travel
    Travelling guests consistently seek guidance on the opportunities around them when away from home. BUZZTV is a reliable medium to raise awareness of local events, hotel facilities, promote restaurants and bars, hotel program, and provide travel advice instantly. When combined with live feeds, screens become a valuable and insightful tool...
  • Internal Communications
    BUZZTV can offer a solution to those organisations investing in long-term employee engagement strategies. BUZZTV can reach all employees from cleaners and chefs, to engineers and security guards, and ensure that the key drivers influencing employee engagement are consistently emphasised and acknowledged.
  • Retail
    BUZZTV can bring a sense of theatre to your retail space and modernise the way you communicate with customers – for new products, marketing campaigns, promotions and monetise screen space to suppliers. Use screens to communicate with staff outside of opening hours to raise employee engagement and make announcements.
  • Transport
    Train station, tram stops, bus stops and airports are abundant with advertising and media. Make your media work harder by combining adverts with live, useful information such as traffic, news, sport, weather and social media to increase cost effectiveness and success rates. Monetise space to brands where results are...