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Food for the Overberg : other than locally sourced Jono’s view is that @Food & Wine it is all about QUALITY rather than quantity. Not just being the new owner of @Food & Wine but also possibly being the youngest Restaurateur in Hermanus along with his Chef – Michael being the youngest Head Chef in the Overberg or Western Cape Region too. Expect to be fussed upon and taken on a delightful, flavoursome, succulent and decadent food journey that will not only leave you feeling divine; just like the food.  Get ready for a taste of heaven.

What is your style of cooking? how has it evolved and changed?

Chef – Michael – @Food & Wine we have a mixture of local – South African, Asian & Italian Cuisine – fusion. We are busy in looking at certain changes to fit the season. Winter is on the cards, so be prepared to have a tasty array of comfort food . Be it a good lamb curry; maybe a stew; oxtail paired with Gluwein – basically Winterfare to die for!.

What is the highlight of your career so far and why?

Chef – Michael – Being one of the youngest Head Chef’s in Hermanus or entire Western Cape. It is a new challenge which I am capable of and allows me to expand my repertoire.

 Which 6 people would you like to sit down to dinner with the most?

Jono – Will Smith, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, James May, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Stephen Fry, and just for fun Gordon Ramsay – “I could learn a lot from him”.

What is your most successful seduction meal?

Chef – Michael – “AAA-AAHA!”, The Tiger Prawns Tempura

What is your one implement in your kitchen you cannot do without and why?

Chef – Michael – The grill, I cannot do without it, because we are half and half a steakhouse, we pride ourselves with our steaks. Fillet being my  personal favourite

If you have to go for quality or quantity in offerings for your customers, which would you choose?

Jono – I would much rather have quality than quantity. A customer must really enjoy their meal other than over indulge and leave not having fully enjoyed the taste and flavourings my Chef has to offer.

If you had anyone cook for you who would it be and what would it be?

Chef – Michael – Gordon Ramsay, nothing specific – definitely pasta

How much time are you going to commit @Food & Wine and what will  happen when you not here?

 Jono – I am looking for the next five years – I am busy training a wonderful managerial staff to take over when I am not around, which is hardly ever. Looking into opening for breakfast and lunch. Right now it is just the evenings from 16h00 – close.

 What do you think about corkage? what is your policy @Food & Wine?

Jono – We do charge a corkage of R30-00 as we do offer a comprehensive wine list that will regularly be adapted. A new and young La Vierge Wine Estate’s produce will also be amongst the list soon to accompany the delicious food we serve.

What is the most underrated ingredient in your eyes?

Chef – Michael – Fresh produce, if you are going to make something do it fresh or do not bother. You can really taste the difference.

What would be your top foodie destination?

Jono – @Food & Wine Hermanus. I am well travelled. The States will be a good destination not for home Cuisine but for the varieties of Cuisine; as it is diverse.

How do you manage to keep your prices so reasonable?

Jono – We go directly to our suppliers – be it the growers, the butchers, the fishmongers or the vineyards, directly as possible and a lot of local.

“This one is for you both!” – What is your personal favourite dish on your menu @Food & Wine?

Chef – Michael – Tiger Prawn Tempura and The Pork Belly

Jono – Tiger Prawn Tempura and the 300g Beef Fillet

How would you best describe Chef Michael?

Jono – I think that Chef Michael is very capable and talented for his age as he has accomplished a lot and I see him doing great things for the Restaurant in the future.

Why are you a Chef and what made you so passionate about food?

Chef – Michael – I love creating food, drinks anything to do with this industry. Walking up to a table and hearing good compliments of food carefully prepared, the smiles, the goodness it creates; it’s uplifting. My Grandfather inspired me as a child; as I watched and observed him in the kitchen.

How old were you Chef Michael when you started cooking?

Chef – Michael – I was 6 years old; I prepared carrot sticks, celery sticks, cut up Vienna’s and eggs… Now that’s a trip down memory lane…

What did you eat for breakfast Jono?

Jono – A Ginger Bread Grande Latte

 What is your favourite personal dish served cold?

Chef – Michael – Tough one, mmmm……. ‘Dark chocolate mousse!’, which is on our menu; only the best chocolate from Belgium is used; served alongside vanilla ice cream and caramelized pecan nuts. It is so decadently smooth, rich in flavour and delightful!

What was your last movie or series you watched?

Jono – Intersteller – ‘pretty disappointing, leaves one hanging!’ and of course Game Of Thrones…………

Chef – Michael – How I met your mother, series and The Eagle; a brilliant movie with Channing Tatum.

What Music do you like?

Jono – Sweet Cherry Pie by Warrant – Old School Rock is my Fav !!

Chef – Michael – Marley, Reggae, rock, anything with a good beat!

How do you best describe Jono?

Chef – Michael – Jono brings a great atmosphere, very much a peoples person, a great boss, he is going to make the best of @Food & Wine; “it will be the best place in town!”.

What is your favourite thing to do when off? with friends?

Jono – Braai and talk nonsense………… nothing like a good braai with good friends just to chillax and be……….

Chef – Michael – Stay away from the kitchen, just do nothing and chill…..

If you had a favourite Restaurant out of Hermanus  what would it be?

Jono – My own Restaurant, – ‘LOL!’……..  WINK!

We are the youngest Restaurateur and Head Chef in Hermanus and hopefully bring the buzz to Hermanus!!! and #bethebuzz in Food!!………..Flavour & Taste. We are looking at opening for Breakfast and Lunches soon. For now we are open for the evenings 16h00 – till close; to serve warm comforting food that will leave you wanting for more. ‘It will be a Winterfare celebration, come and join us!!”.





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