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BUZZTV income opportunties

we all need to increase revenue... BUZZTV offers you three ways to utilise what we have created to make you some money

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As a freelance rep for BUZZTV you earn 33% of every advertising contract you sell. In monetary terms that means anything between R998 to R1,596 per contract sold.

Anybody can register to become a BUZZTV Freelance Sales Representative.

Own a restaurant, guesthouse, busy shop or business with a LCD or LED TV screen not doing much but showing “Days of our Lives” or sport? Want to make some money with that screen?

Get a BUZZTV Partner Startup Kit, and start showing your clientele some localized and most definitely FUNKY content. You sell the ad-space on your screen, we do the rest, you get 50% of all the ads you sold on your screen. PLUS we give you a free one year ad contract to advertise your business on ALL our screens. Now that TV is making you some money.

Whether you are in Pofadder or New York, it makes no difference! We will broadcast the ads you sold, or we sold on your behalf and some very cool content to your location.

We will courier or ship your BUZZBOX to you, all you do is plug it into your TV, connect up to your wi-fi, and start selling adverts to your friends and clients via our website. The rest we take care of.

BUZZTV was conceived with the idea of a franchise model at heart. If you are a self starter and want to run your own BUZZTV franchise in your town or region, then you are going to find that a BUZZTV Franchise is a very quick business to set up, pretty inexpensive to buy into, easy to run and returns maximum profit for minimal work required.

Obviously the number of franchises available per area is finite, so quick starters benefit first. In most cases, franchisees attain ROI (Return on Investment) in 1- 3 months, so your profitability is pretty high. For a small purchase amount of less than R10k per site, (minimum of 5 sites) franchisees can turn 2-3 times the initial investment in a month. As a franchisee, all you need to do is market and sell in your area. All hardware, software, site installations, content production and billing is handled by BUZZTV, so you can focus on making money.

As with any startup, BUZZTV requires angel funding. Our goals are clear; nationwide by the end of the year. BUZZTV has the capability to increase turnover internationally with an extremely lean operating core cost, is exceptionally scale-able and manageable, with only a 5% increase in operating costs for every 10x scale.

We seek angel investing to grow BUZZTV to achieve our footprint nationally and internationally.



Our Core Values

BUZZTV's values were learned from GURU Jason Lawrence Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc.com. Thank you Jason !!!

Superheroes Never Give Up

Like Batman, we have to keep pressing on to the very last breath. Challenges are overcome by wholeheartedly committing to unrelenting persistence.

Superheroes Always Get the Job Done

There are no excuses if you don’t save the girl from the burning house. There are just results, not reasons, you either save the day or you don’t. Gray area is for Kafka not comic heros.

Superheroes Are the Best at What They Do

Flash is the fastest and we all know it. . If you’re the back end developer, you are the best developer in the world, and everyone on your team knows it. Let great talent excel in areas where their superpowers are most needed.

Superheroes Are Crystal Clear of their Purpose

Captain Marvel may be a cheeseball, but he knows what he stands for. Startups die when they are not clear on their mission.

Superheroes Are NOT Flawless

Superheros have flaws, every member of our team will also. The goal is not perfection, it’s the pursuit of perfection.

Superheroes Do Not Seek Glory…But They Get it Anyway

Don’t do it because you want the attention. If you do it right, you’ll get it anyway

Superheroes Help Others

Superheroes help people by solving problems. Startups should be obsessed NOT with themselves, but with how they are going to help other people and solve their issues.

Superheroes Can Do it By Themselves But Are More Powerful in Teams

You always have to have each other’s back. Its you vs. the world and brining together your own team of superheroes, and the mutual respect, loyalty, and camaraderie of that team is vital.

Superheroes’ True Strength Comes From Their Character

No matter how super you think you are, you’re strength comes from your character not your talent. Be courageous, be respectful, be honorable, be selfless.

Superheroes Accomplish Huge Feats

The same effort it takes to start a lemonade stand or college club, is the same raw effort it takes to change the world. Your goal is not to build a product or get traffic… Your goal is to accomplish the most amazing feat imaginable. Make the Product, Save the World.