About Advertising

  • How do I get BUZZTV in my establishment?
    • If you want to have BUZZTV in your establishment, showroom or venue please feel free to visit our Opportunities page and fill in the Contact us form. If your venue is chosen as part of an official BUZZ cluster, then the cost to you the owner is zero. We supply all the equipment needed to enable your venue to go live.

      If you would like to get BUZZTV as a method of generating income from an existing screen in your venue, then have a look here.


  • How many times will my advert show?
    • Imagine your favourite TV Channel just showing ads? We do not want to subject viewers to a showreel that just shows advert after advert. Your and our viewers, loose interest if they just see adverts. So we mash things up by showing community based and interesting content interspersed by adverts.  This keeps people’s attention.

      We balance the showreel so that all ads in the playlist show equally, and then randomize the community content so that is always changing. On average, your advert will show anything between 60 – 100 a day. Off course and depending on the number of ads in the playlist this could sometimes be way more than that, but on average we have found that a single advert would show over 7,000 times in a 3 month period.

      Click on image to see  a sample report below



  • How do I get my advert to show more than others?
    • Many business’ want to outdo their competitors and ask this question. Well the simplest answer would be to say “Well take a second contract”. That could turn out to be too expensive for most, so we have created a “booster” option for screen ads.

      Basically what it means, is that you can choose to boost your showtime from say a “weight” of 1 to anywhere up to a “weight” of say 10. What this means is that your advert would show 10x more than any other advert in the playlist.

      Once you have placed an advert, you can then purchase a booster package from our BUZZSHOP


  • Best design tips for your advert
    • Grab the viewers attention – this is best done with a really good singular photo, image or video

      Have your company logo, contact details, in the same place on every slide – so that is consistent and view-able for the entire duration of the advert. Avoid cluttering your advert with too much text e.g. why have your fax number on the ad, when a web address, telephone number and street address will suffice.

      Try to avoid too many text fonts as this creates clutter and makes your advert too busy.

      In a nutshell people see a good image or video, they see your logo, they see a telephone number and address, they see a slogan or one liner describing your product or service.


  • How often can i change my advert?
    • Your contract includes the cost of designing your first advert.

      A deposit of 50% is required upfront before any artwork is commissioned, the balance is payable on sign-off.

      All adverts will go live within 12 hours of sign-off and final payment.

      Any subsequent changes to your advert will be charged at R350 per hour.


  • How long is an advert?
    • Ads are generally 20 seconds in length. The best way to utilise this time, is to have 2 x 10 second “slides” or 3 x 7 second “slides”.


  • Can I have a video in my advert?
    • BUZZTV can broadcast any image, audio or video as your advert.

      If you already have a produced video in the correct widescreen format, we are happy to broadcast your video onto our screens, but you must take a 6-month contract minimum or a year contract.

      If the video length exceeds 30 seconds in total time, you will need to buy an additional contract, as each contract qualifies for 30 seconds show time.

      If you require us to film, produce and edit a video for your advert it will cost you R1,500 for 30 seconds and you must take a year contract minimum.

      Our standard rate for any other video production is R3,500 for the first 30 seconds (final edited length) and R1,500 for every additional 30 seconds thereafter.

      Travel to shoot locations exceeding 50km’s from our location will be charged for accordingly.


  • What is this BUZZBUXX thing?
    • BUZZBUXX is real money. 1BUZZBUXX = 1ZAR. In a nutshell it allows you to pay for products or services using the funds in your BUZZBUXX wallet. BUZZTV rewards clients by offering “cash-backs” in BUZZBUXX.

      An example of this is when you place an advert on our screens, or you refer a friend or business to place an advert, you will get 10% cash-back in BUZZBUXX.

      These funds will reflect in your BUZZBUXX wallet and you use it as if it is real money to pay for BUZZTV products; you may also transfer your BUZZBUXX to another friend or user on the BUZZTV website OR you may wish to cash out your BUZZBUXX.